Super Puff Bros 4-Coaster Set

Super Puff Bros 4-Coaster Set

T Super Puff Bros 4-Coaster Set is a Nintendo Super Smash Bros and Powerpuff Girls mashup coaster set designed by¬†Punksthetic. If you are a Smash Bros fan you will probably know all the characters but even if you’re not you’ll probably recognize most of them like Mario and Luigi, Pikachu from Pokemon, Link from the Legend of Zelda and Samus from Metroid.

These coasters are sold for a limited period only so if you feel the need the sooner you satisfy it the better.

$35 at RIPT

Natural Stone Tile – 4×4 Tumbled Italian Botticino Marble Stone Coaster with cork backing. Coasters are individually packaged in bubble pockets. Each set is wrapped and boxed by hand to ensure safe shipping.

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