Schrodinger’s Cat Mug Set

Schrodinger's Cat Mug Set of 2

I’m not obsessed with heat change mugs, it just happens that I came across two pretty clever mugs (three really) around the same time. The Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug was ugly but cool. This Schrodinger’s Cat Mug Set, on the other hand, is pretty good-looking. This is a set. You have to get two mugs but that is the beauty of this set…until one of them is broken and then you will no each morning whether you’ll be drinking from the dead cat mug or the live cat mug. You can get the set for:

$19.99 at ThinkGeek

The two mugs in this set look identical, but when you add hot liquids, one of the mugs slowly reveals a live cat, and the other, dead. But until you add the hot liquid, you don’t know which mug you have, and the cats can be simultaneously alive and dead, just like in Schrodinger’s thought experiment. No radioactive source or poison necessary.

Product Specifications

  • Schrodinger’s Cat Mug Set
  • Includes two mugs
  • When you add hot liquid, one mug reveals a live cat, and the other reveals a dead one
  • Cats are again obscured as the mug cools
  • For your favorite quantum physicist or practical joker
  • Capacity: Each mug holds 10 ounces
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Do not soak. Microwave safe.

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