Everydrop Water Filter

Everydrop Water Filter

I love this type of shit. I live in Okinawa where the tap water doesn’t taste so good. In fact it’s so bad that there are vending machines selling filtered water. You just bring your four liter bottle and it will wash it for you and then you can get your filtered water and it’s reasonably cheap. It is a bit of a pain though so after getting tired of picking up water whenever I needed it we decided to get a filter for our tap. And just like magic, we suddenly had delicious water. The filter is quite slow though.

This filter appears to be quite fast and even more awesome than that, it is quite portable. I categorized this in HOME but I think it could easily have been added to the OUTDOORS section of this site. What an awesome thing this would be to have with you when you are camping.

It’s cheap too at only $19.99 and $11.99 for each filter which they say lasts about 2 months.

$19.99 at Whirlpool

You can also get it at Amazon but it is sold out at the moment. (Whirlpool only ships to the US.)

Everydrop Water Filter

This sleek and efficient filtration technology is so innovative that it freshly filters 5X faster and 50% more water than leading brand filtration pitchers.

Everydrop Water Filter

The Whirlpool Everydrop Water Filter website is also pretty cool.

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