Dexter The Dark Defender Graphic Poster

Dexter The Dark Defender Graphic Poster
This Dexter The Dark Defender Graphic Poster is available at Cafepress. Fans of Dexter will recognize this image. It’s the cover art for a comic book based on Dexter himself. It’s a subtle piece of fan memorabilia.

$12.99 at Cafepress

Dexter sees this poster art on the wall of a crime scene he is investigating at a comic book. He is taken aback when he realizes the Dark Defender is based on the Bay Harbor Butcher, a.k.a. Dexter.

The Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation was a police investigation into a series of killings of known killers that the justice system failed to prosecute or were let off easy. The case in itself was the second major case in the series and the biggest case in Florida’s history at the time (outdoing the preceding case – Ice Truck Killer Investigation). The next major case after this one was the Skinner Case. The Dark Defender is a comic book character based on the Bay Harbor Butcher, seen in Season Two. Dexter comments that the amount of leather he is seen wearing would be uncomfortable due to the heat of Miami. The comic book has not been mentioned since season two, and was apparently never worked on, since the writer, Denny Foster, was beaten to death by Benjamin Alvaro, with a snow globe.

Like a poster — only smaller! Our high-quality one-page prints are printed on glossy, 12 point paper and measure 11″ x 17″.
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Glossy, 12 point paper

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