Comic Book Notebook

Comic Book Notebook Inside

The comic book notebook looks like it would be a bit of fun for a habitual doodler. It’s $7.95 on Amazon as I write this:

Pocket-sized notebook, 64 pages.

  • They say everybody has a book in them, possibly a classic, and these days it’s more likely than ever that book is a comic book. Take this simple test: Would you say you’re more of a Margaret Atwood or a Marjane Satrapi? Allen Ginsberg or Alan Moore? James Joyce or Kate Beaton? Neil Gaiman or… well, never mind. The point is that for those of us who would rather be Jack Kirby than Jack Kerouac, UPG created the Comic Note Book.
  • The pages already have comic book borders and panels drawn in, so from the moment you open the cover, you’re ready for action. And that’s not all. The back panel gives you more than a dozen punch-out stencils to use for speech balloons, thought balloons, captions, sound effects… everything you need to tell your story.
  • Whether you’re a writer/artist or collaborating with a talented friend, here is the perfect portable, tradable pocket notebook for drawing superheroes or drafting scenes for your ground-breaking autobiographical graphic novel. What are you waiting for? The Comic Notebook will give your drafts and drawings some real POW.
  • Notebook measures 5″ x 3.5″ and has 64 pages
  • From The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Don’t worry. We are employed, just not as philosophers. We have a large selection of novelty gifts for the sophisticated gift giver.

Comic Book Notebook

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